Employee Wellness, Morale, and the Bottom Line


Keeping your employees happy is a key component to getting the most out of your bottom line.  With a business being ran by a bunch of unhappy campers who don’t want to be there, you can bet that your production rates will decrease as well.  Not every job is glamorous.  As a matter of fact, most jobs are the complete opposite.  However, that does not warrant the assumption that every day has to be a living hell.  Understanding the connection between employee wellness, morale, and the bottom line will help any frustrated supervisor transform their workforce.

Tracking Employee Wellness

Your employees are simply human beings who are trying to make a living.  They do not need or wish to be treated as slaves – machines that can take a beating without uttering a complaint.  Even machines break down; and your employees will as well if you don’t take some time to track their wellness.  Find out if your workers are feeling stressed, discover whether they have all their needed supplies, ensure they have adequate safety measures, and take some time to do some research on their collective day-to-day mood.  This data will help you provide your employees with a more positive work environment which will, in turn, improve your bottom line.

Boosting Morale

Nobody wants to feel as though their job does not matter, regardless of their position.  Boost morale starts with making your employees feel as though their work is more than simply a paycheck.  Having purpose will make anyone work harder; and at the end of the day, that could produce extra dollars for the company.  Creatively inspire hard work through celebrating accomplishments and rewarding extraordinary behavior on a regular basis.  Tangible proof of the good work being done is a great way to boost morale, increase profits, and make everyone day more enjoyable.

Improving your Bottom Line  

In a lot of cases, employees become stock holders in a business when they begin working.  This is most definitely a source of stress for an employee, especially one that has a low morale.  There is nothing wrong with providing your workers with extra training – classes that are designed to help improve employee wellness and the bottom line.  Depending on what your company has experienced, your workers may need a little more convincing that their job is secure and profitable.  Offering comprehensive classes that explain complicated or controversial subjects in a way that your employees can understand is a great way to vicariously improve worker morale.

Fostering Fairness

Indeed there is a hierarchy at any workplace, but fostering a sense of fairness among employees could help everyone feel as though they matter to the company.  Showing favoritism is a bad idea no matter where you are; and the office is no exception.  In order to keep employee wellness at optimal levels, you will have to find a way to make everyone feel equal regardless of their position.  Remember, your employees are only people.  They need to feel as though they have a reason to show up on time.



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